Stress Relief Method #3 – Self-Pleasure

We all know about sex, an extremely fun activity that ultimately leads to achieving sexual satisfaction. But sometimes we often forget about another great away to “get off” and achieve the same overall goal as sexual intercourse: Masturbation. Not only is masturbation safer than having sex with a partner, but it is also much more convenient, being able to partake in your “self-pleasure” alone and at any time, whenever you are ready to get to it. In fact, masturbating is a fantastic way to actually lower stress almost immediately. Talk about a multi-faceted activity!  If you really think about it, the concept totally makes sense. How often have you ever just finished masturbating and then immediately stressed out about whatever it is that is going on in your life? Most people would say that has never happened to them before! In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know to make your masturbation sessions lead to more than just a few minutes of good fun, but also amazing stress relief!

Masturbation releases hormones

Although we don’t often think about it, there is actually a very specific chemical response to masturbation. First off, your body releases a chemical known as dopamine. This is the chemical that gives us the sense of pleasure (i.e. the main reason we want to masturbate). In addition though, your body will also release endorphins, which we’ve discussed in our article on relieving stress with physical activity. These endorphins give us a sense of well-being, which essentially means they enhance our overall mood. And this is actually the chemical that we actually care about when it comes to stress-relief.

Given the fact that stress is a feeling that brings us down, feeling better overall (not just sexually) through the release of endorphins naturally implies that we no longer feel stressed. And that is exactly what happens when you masturbate.

Another way of looking at masturbation is that it allows our minds to focus on one thing, which is the pleasuring of ourselves. This helps us to get our mind away from any stress in our life while we are focused on more pertinent matters.

Stress relief that lasts for a long time

Regardless of how you look at it though, masturbating not only relieves stress, but relieves it for a significantly long period of time. After finishing your masturbation session, most people typically feel good for at least another hour, if not more. Often times, this can help you regain focus on an important task at hand that was previously causing you stress.

Or if masturbating at night, it can help you fall asleep and start the new day fresh and without built up stress from the night before.

Orgasm is the key to the best stress relief

There is actually one more chemical that can be released in your body when masturbating that helps your overall mood and therefore reduces stress. However, it only gets released at the point of orgasm! It is called oxytocin and your body releases an extremely large amount of it when you orgasm. The chemical is known for making you feel content, relaxed and safe. In fact, based on the sheer amount of oxytocin released, it is the true reason you go and masturbate to relieve stress. However, it only comes with orgasm, which is why it is so important to finish your masturbation session with orgasm.

That is not to say that masturbating without orgasm won’t be effective in relieving stress. But it just won’t be nearly as effective compared to when you achieve orgasm.

Use Sex Toys to achieve orgasm

Now for some people, orgasming does not come so easily for them. Especially in the context of masturbation, orgasm may not be easy enough to achieve compared to actual sex with a partner. Unfortunately that becomes problematic because the reason masturbation is preferred over actual sex is the convenience of being able to do it at any time, whenever you need release. So how can you help ensure that you orgasm and release the oxytocin needed to achieve the most stress-reducing benefits?

Simply use sex toys. They are made specifically for self-pleasure and are ultimately built to help women (and men) achieve orgasms. For those who masturbate fairly often, it would definitely be worthwhile to spend some money on a few quality sex toys. And if you are curious about the world of sex toys and want to learn more first, we personally recommend checking out Blissful Cherry and their crash course on sex toys to begin with. They also have a bunch of other sex toy articles that you can read up on, along with some high-quality sex toys for purchase as well.

Masturbation is 100% Healthy and Normal

For those of you who are concerned that masturbating is wrong on any level, rest assured that it is absolutely not. Masturbation is 100% healthy and normal. In fact a huge majority of people in the world masturbate, sometimes even multiple times a day. As long as you are not excessively obsessed with masturbation, there is honestly no such thing as too much masturbation.

However, if you do feel like you are becoming over-reliant on masturbation as a solution to stress relief, we highly recommend slowing it down and trying to decrease how often you masturbate. Remember that masturbation is a relief from stress, not an escape from it.

Also, if you feel like masturbating may be interfering with your social life or personal relationships, it would be a good idea to start doing it less as well. This applies regardless of how often you masturbate, whether it be multiple times a day, or even just once a week. Your personal life is infinitely more important than any self-pleasure that you might be engaged in, so always make sure that your personal life is not negatively affected by your masturbation habits.

Masturbate Today and Watch the Stress Go Away

If stress is starting to take over your life significantly, then it would definitely be a good time to take some significant time to enjoy the pleasures of masturbation to the fullest. Heck, even masturbating every day would be a good idea for keeping your stress at bay over time. Not does it physically help you feel better and less stressed, but it also can used as a tool to refocus yourself or get to bed earlier, both of which are great tools for stress relief in and of itself. Regardless of your own sexual background, we strongly urge you to take the time to explore your body today, and see just how amazing masturbation can be! It is a safe, effective, and perhaps most importantly, absolutely fun way to improve not just your stress levels but your overall well-being as well!