How To Deal With Stress

Once you recognize stress is present in your life, you probably want to do everything you can to eliminate that stress. But how exactly do you do that? And furthermore, could you be taking further steps to limit stress from ever reaching getting to you from the get go? In this guide, we’ll answer both questions, as both are so important to keeping your stress levels in check.

Currently Stressed? Figure Out the Root Cause

This is a very important, albeit obvious step to eliminating any stress you have. Stress comes from so many different forms, and so you need to make sure you know what is causing the actual stress before trying to deal with it head on. This is especially true when you may be having multiple potential causes of stress going on in your life at once. For example, if you are having a lousy time at work recently, but it’s also been a few months since a loved one has passed away, one of those events may be causing the bulk of your stress. If you end up trying to deal with your work problems even though that is not the one causing the stress but rather the passing of a loved one, you will not get very far in eliminating said stress.

So make sure you know what is causing the stress before moving on to the next step…

Choose the right method for you

In reality, there is more than way to eliminate stress. Depending on your situation, you may need to employ all of the below methods to become healthier and happy person. Or it may require just one method. In any case, dealing with stress requires a concerted effort, so be ready to work hard to achieve it.

Keep things in perspective

So many people let stress form even in cases where the situation really should not be stressful whatsoever. By keeping things in perspective, you are able to eliminate small bouts of stress that occur from time to time. For example if you constantly get stressed because you are running just a few minutes late to work, always try to keep in perspective that those few minutes shouldn’t make or break your job. And even if it did, you have more important things to focus on including your family and friends. By confirming to yourself whether or not something you are stressing about really is all that important in the grand scheme of things, you can hopefully realize that you are stressing for nothing. And by making that connection in your brain, the stress will go away naturally!

Alter Your Attitude and Perception to be more Optimistic and Positive

This is another subtle way to eliminate stress by altering how you think about situations that really may be legitimately more stressful. For example, if you come home one day and realize that your expensive furniture were all stolen, you can immediately be stressed out by the situation. And honestly, it is a reasonable reason to be stressed out. However, if you can frame the situation into a more positive light, you will see that stress lessen and lessen to almost nothing. In the example we just mentioned, instead of thinking how it sucks that you lost all that valuable furniture, be positive and think about you and your family weren’t home at the time and are now safe as a result. Or think about how your insurance company will just end up paying for a new one anyway.

Make a change in your life

This one requires the most effort, but is sometimes just necessary when you have stress in your life that you cannot get rid of. For example, if your boss at work is the absolute worst but you need to keep your job to support your family, the obvious solution is to simply look for a new job that will allow you to continue providing for your family, without having all the stress of your current job. Or if you just recently got divorced and stressed about life in general, make a concerted effort to go out and date again, and find ways to be happy again in your new life. These changes to your life may not always be easy. But making such changes may be the only way get into a better situation and wash away all the stress holding you down. So the earlier you make a change, the sooner you will be happier and stress free!

If All Else Fails: Manage Your Stress In Healthy Ways

Despite the goal of eliminating stress for good, the truth of the matter is that some stress can’t be eliminated. For example, if work is stressful but you absolutely need that job to support your family, and don’t have the time to look for new job opportunities, there is no clear cut path to eliminating the stress from the source. In this case, the best thing to do is partake in fun activities that get your mind in a better place. This not only relieves you of your stress in the short-term, but over time can manage your stress and keep it in check, even if you can’t fully eliminate it.

If there is truly no way to eliminate your stress by dealing with it head-on, then this is the way to go. After all, even if you can’t eliminate the stress, being able to manage it a lot better than just letting stress take over. There are many ways that this can be done. In fact, we wrote three separate guides detailing three great ways to get your mind off the stress and hopefully eliminate it completely over time. Definitely check those out if you are interested!

Stress can be managed!

No matter how stressed you may be at any given moment, always remember that stress can be managed. Keeping seemingly stressful situations in perspective and keeping a positive and optimistic attitude towards them is a great way to deal with everyday stress. And if you have more difficult stress that needs to be dealt with, changing something about your life may be the best way to get rid of said stress. If all else fails though, you always have options to manage stress in healthy ways, through leisurely activities that directly lead to short-term happiness and pleasure, hopefully eliminating stress in the long run. The sooner you actively start using these methods to deal with stress in a healthy way, the sooner you can become a happier and healthier person. So get started today!